EFI Principals

Ernest Moniz, Joseph Hezir and Melanie Kenderdine have a highly successful track record in and with government, academia and the private sector.

EFI principals led a $30 billion federal cabinet department, elevating the Department of Energy (DOE) to new levels of performance, developing and implementing innovative approaches to DOE business models, creating a supportive bipartisan approach in Congress, engaging the private sector, and putting innovation at the center of the global responses to energy security and climate change. 

In government, our principals:

  • Established the DOE Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis to objectively analyze and develop energy technology and regulatory policies.

  • Reformed the regulatory regime to enable the authorization of a U.S. Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) export industry.

  • Created a unified science and energy management structure and program portfolio that provides a foundation for a significant expansion of federal investment.

  • Advanced the frontiers of high-performance computing and big data analytics both to serve DOE security and research missions and to innovate new approaches to biomedical research, specifically for cancer.

  • Implemented a novel multi-program, cross-cutting approach to major mission challenges, ranging from electric grid modernization to subsurface science and engineering.

  • Re-established the strategic partnership between DOE leadership and the national laboratory system.

  • Modernized and secured the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal.

  • Launched Mission Innovation, a 22-country + EU initiative to support a doubling of funding for transformational clean energy technology investments over the next five years.

Outside of government, EFI principals have founded and managed energy technology and policy organizations, initiatives and companies, including:

  • The MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), an industry-academia partnership that supported both individual and collaborative research and analysis, leading to more than $500 million in support over six years and engagement of one-fourth of MIT’s faculty.

  • The Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA), an industry/academic research consortium that managed a $375 million federal contract for unconventional natural gas and development.

EFI principals have been deeply engaged for decades in developing and implementing high-impact energy policy analyses and innovation programs that opened markets and streamlined decision-making, including:

  • Establishing the federal government’s Quadrennial Energy Review (QER), a unique, analytically-based approach to federal energy policy development, that generated global interest. More than 30 countries and the EU requested briefings on the both the QER process and its substantive content. The initial installment (QER 1.1) generated bipartisan support for legislation to implement more than 20 specific QER recommendations.

  • Creating an expedited process for making National Interest Determinations for U.S. exports of LNG, resulting in approvals of over 11 bcfd of natural gas and expediting the creation of a global gas market.

  • Starting the Tribal Energy Loan Program to provide key, highly leveraged energy project funding to tribes and native communities.

  • Successfully advocating the G-7 Energy Security Principles for a post oil-centric energy economy, adopted by G-7 and EU leaders in 2014.

  • MIT’s “Future of’’ series, providing multi-disciplinary, multiyear policy/technology analyses of a range of fuels (nuclear, natural gas, coal, solar) in a carbon-constrained environment, the results of which have had significant policy, market and technology impacts.

Links to many of our team’s output can be found in EFI’s analytical library

Ernest J. Moniz
President & CEO

U.S. Secretary of Energy, (2013-2017).

Founding Director, MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), (2006-2013).

Member, President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, (2009-2013).

U.S. Under Secretary of Energy, (1997-2001).

The MIT Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics and Engineering Systems (emeritus), former head of MIT Department of Physics.

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Joseph S. Hezir

Hezir1_Dec 17.jpg

Chief Financial Officer and Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy, (2013-2017).

Research Engineer, MITEI, (2009-2013).

Co-founder and Managing Partner, EOP Group, (1992-2013).

Deputy Associate Director for Energy & Science, OMB, (1974-1992).

Member, National Academy of Science’s Space Studies Board and Board on Physics and Astronomy.

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Melanie A. Kenderdine

Kenderdine2_Dec 17.jpg

Director, DOE Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis, Energy Counselor to the Secretary, (2013-2017).

Executive Director, MITEI, (2007-2013).

Vice-President, Gas Technology Institute, (2001-2007).

Founder and Board Member, Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America.

Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary for Oil, Gas, Coal and Nuclear, Director, DOE Policy Office, (1993-2001).

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David Ellis
Director of Strategic Communications and Policy

Ellis3_Dec 17_8x10.jpg

Former Chief Content Officer of CQ Roll Call, the U.S. editorial unit of the Economist Group, Washington’s premier news service covering Congress (2013-2017).

Previously Editor at Large for the Bloomberg Government news service, following a decade in London as international editor for Bloomberg News with responsibility for long-form journalism in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Consultant to universities and business on the federal legislative process and U.S. regulatory landscape and frequent media commentator on the political scene.

Expert on media branding, change management and talent recruitment.

Named by Publishing Executive magazine as one of Washington’s groundbreaking media influencers.

Email: ddellis@energyfuturesinitiative.org

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Jeanette Pablo
General Counsel and Senior Associate

Pablo2_Dec 17.jpg

Acting Deputy Director for Energy Systems, DOE Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis (2015-2017)

Director of Federal Affairs and Senior Climate Advisor, PNM Resources (2005-2015)

Public Policy Consultant, American Water (2012-2014)

Senior Advisor, Intergovernmental and Environmental Affairs, Tennessee Valley Authority (1995-2002)

Energy Attorney, Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand (1990-1994)

Email: JMPablo@energyfuturesinitiative.org

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Tim Bushman
Senior Analyst

Bushman_Dec 17_8x10.jpg

Experience in research and analysis roles with extensive knowledge of the full spectrum of the analytic process, including research methods, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, technical writing, and communications.

Master of Arts, Climate and Society, Columbia University.

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Alex Kizer
Director of Strategic Research

Kizer1_Dec 17 (1).jpg

Advised clients including Sandia National Laboratories; the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC); the U.S. Department of Energy.

Expert in developing and managing major analytical initiatives.

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Sam Savitz

Sam New Website Photo.JPG

Previous internships at U.S. House of Representatives and the Atomic Heritage Foundation.

Undergraduate capstone project working for the Department of Justice's International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP).

Bachelor of Arts in Global Affairs (International Security Track) from Yale University.

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Anne Canavati

Anne edit 1 (2).jpg

Previous positions at U.S. EPA Region 2 and the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment.

Conducted research on electronic waste recycling in Ghana and conservation governance in Kenya.

Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University.

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