Press Release: Moniz Reveals Framework for a “Green Real Deal”  

Washington, D.C. (July 31, 2019): Today, former U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest J. Moniz introduced a framework for the “Green Real Deal” at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce “EnergyInnovates” Summit.

The “Green Real Deal” aims to address the moral, social, environmental and economic imperatives of the climate crisis by offering a coalition-building strategy that translates climate mitigation ambitions into pragmatic actions.  

Its mission is to provide a framework for accelerating deep decarbonization by mid-century in ways that minimize costs, maximize economic opportunities, and promote social equity. You can read the framework here.

The framework for the “Green Real Deal” is built upon five key principles:

  1. Technology, Business Model, and Policy Innovations Are Essential

  2. Social Equity Is Essential for Success

  3.   Broad and Inclusive Coalitions Must Be Built 

  4. All GHG Emitting Sectors Must be Addressed in Climate Solutions

  5. Optionality and Flexibility are Needed for Technologies, Policies and Regions of the Country 

Moniz, who served as Secretary of Energy in the Obama Administration, has emphasized the need for a broad coalition to address climate change. This morning in Axios, Moniz stated that in order to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, “everybody, including the Chamber and their membership, has to walk the talk.” 

In March, Moniz and Andy Karsner— George W. Bush’s assistant energy secretary for renewable energy— issued an op-ed calling for “a wise and just transition to a low-carbon economy, [that moves] as fast as is technically and socially possible, [and minimizes] stranded physical assets as well as stranded workers and communities.”