Moniz Joins with John Kerry for an Earth Day Call to Action in USA Today

On Earth Day, EFI Founder Ernest J. Moniz joined with former Secretary of State John Kerry for an Earth Day opinion piece in USA Today about the urgent need to work together to end climate change.

``Forty-nine years ago, twenty million Americans came together on the first Earth Day and launched another first: putting environmental issues front and center on the national political agenda. The message: policymakers at all levels of government will be held accountable by voters for their records on environmental stewardship and protection.

No matter what any of us might think about the key players or their politics, the elected leaders across the 1970 political spectrum — from Gaylord Nelson to Richard Nixon — ultimately ensured a cleaner environment with a strong economy and improved health. We are all beneficiaries of the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, establishment of the EPA, and much more.

Fast forward five decades. Sixty-nine percent of Americans say that they are ‘worried” about climate change. The scientific and national security communities warn us about its destabilizing impacts and enormous costs. In a burst of activism wonderfully similar to the original Earth Day, thousands of young people are walking out of their classrooms to protest inaction on climate change.’’

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