EFI Distinguished Associates

In addition to the expertise of our principals and core analytical staff, EFI draws on the experience of an exceptional cadre of Distinguished Associates on a project-specific basis. Our Distinguished Associates have deep experience and expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency technology development; Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technologies; nuclear power and waste; urban planning and smart cities; energy and national security; electric utilities; electricity regulation and markets; energy economics; energy investment; climate change; and energy diplomacy.

EFI’s Distinguished Associates also have relationships with an extensive network of stakeholders in industry, labor, government (U.S. and international), academia and finance. 

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Kateri Callahan

Carmine Difiglio

Jonathan Elkind

David Foster

Peter Fox-Penner

Julio Friedmann

David Goldwyn

Michael Greenstone

Howard Gruensprecht

Howard Herzog

David Heyman

David O. Jermain

Kevin Knobloch

Michael Knotek

Jan Mares

Ronald E. Minsk

Francis O’Sullivan

Kathleen Peroff

Dan Reicher

Van Romero

Alison Silverstein

John Wall

Karen Wayland

Michael E. Webber

Martin C. Wilhelm

Ellen Williams

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Jacob Worenklein