Careers — We are looking for people who propose and promote science-based solutions to the climate crisis

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Our Openings

Since its inception in 2017, the Energy Futures Initiative has built a team of data-driven innovators dedicated to accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy. See all open positions here.

Project Manager

The Project Manager position will provide critical project management support for EFI and EJM work products, including but not limited to organizing tasks and deliverables, managing processes, collecting data, performing analysis, technical writing, and communications. Daily tasks can vary and are often project-specific. The position will report to the Director of Research.


Analysts provide critical contributions to EFI and EJM projects, including but not limited to authoring high-profile reports and thought leadership, presenting our work to key stakeholders, conducting quantitative analysis, and assisting the work of our communications staff. Research topics span a variety of clean energy technology, policy, and finance domains. Daily tasks can vary and are often project specific. The position will report to the Deputy Director of Research.

Melanie A. Kenderdine addressing a committee
Joseph S. Hezir addressing a committee

What We Do

We’re passionate about solutions that drive change

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Original Research Built for Action

We’re committed to pursuing original research. We provide public and private decision-makers with strategic insights and integrated policy solutions and viable implementation pathways.

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Convening Conversations

We convene industry, labor, policymakers, and NGOs to forge practical, implementable climate change solutions. Lasting solutions to the climate crisis are only possible when you engage all stakeholders.

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Innovation Opportunities

We’re promoting strong communities and a 21st Century energy workforce, with a focus on city, state and regional innovation opportunities.

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Global Energy Security Mindset

We engage globally to advance collective energy security goals, with the objective of increasing access to energy for the 800 million people who need it.