Introducing EFI

What We Do

Led by principals with decades of experience and proven track records in government, academia and the private sector, EFI conducts objective, fact-based and rigorous technical, economic, financial and policy analyses supported by a multidisciplinary network of experts. We focus on solutions that are effective, pragmatic and acceptable to the broadest possible set of stakeholders. EFI takes great ideas and turns them into meaningful actions. 

Strategic Approach

The EFI team of experts provide policymakers, industry leaders, NGOs and other leaders with analytically-based, unbiased policy options to advance a cleaner, safer, more affordable and more secure energy future. The EFI team and its global network of experts understand current energy markets, trends and needs, and will apply this collective talent and knowledge to a range of policy questions, including:

  • Analyzing complex energy systems, providing public and private decision-makers with strategic insights and integrated policy solutions and politically viable implementation pathways.

  • Advancing synergistic clean energy technologies and policies at home and around the world.

  • Convening industry, labor, policymakers, philanthropists and NGOs to forge practical implementable climate change solutions.

  • Promoting strong communities and a 21st century energy workforce, with a focus on city, state and regional innovation opportunities.

  • Engaging global experts to advance broad and collective energy security goals and objectives.

How We are Structured

EFI is a small core group of principals and analysts, supplemented by an outstanding cadre of Distinguished Associates, who are brought together as teams on a project basis. The Distinguished Associates bring considerable expertise in various project domains and experience in analysis, research, policy and business.

In addition, EFI will enlist the strategic views of an international Advisory Board.  The members will convene once a year for brainstorming on the most important areas in which EFI can contribute and be available for discussions as needed. The Advisors may also participate directly in projects of specific interest.

Under the leadership of Ernest J. Moniz, EFI is committed to objective analysis-based reports on important energy issues to inform policy makers, regulators and others engaged in debates on public policy. Consistent with the prior practice of the principals, EFI seeks multi-source funding, including from relevant industries, for its products. Once a study is initiated, the work and the results are EFI’s; they are in no way vetted or approved by any sponsor, public or private. All EFI analysis is published and publicly available.   

The Energy Futures Initiative, Inc. is a nonprofit organization operating under the District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation Act. We are located at 900 17th St. NW, Suite 1100, Washington D.C., 20006.